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I was lucky to born in Georgia, Small beautiful country with ancient history, culture, amazing nature, fascinated locations and nice, hospitable people. Let me introduce  my country in couple words:

Some consider Georgia to be a part of Europe, others – Asia; however, it should be noted that the country has long been a hot spot for geographic and cultural contrasts.

Nature is generously rich in Georgia giving an incredible opportunity to observe all four seasons of the year at the same time – heavy snow on the summit, mist and sleet in the mountains, fresh grass and spring blooms at the foothill and cloudless summer on the seaside.

Besides the wide variety of breathtaking landscapes Georgia features the perfect fusion of medieval andmodern architecture combining Asian, European and Soviet styles .

Since regaining its independence in the early 1990s, Georgia has become the regional champion in terms of reforms, economic development and progress regarding democratic institutions. Country has one of the most business supportive governments and is open for international visitors and investors.

With its diverse locations and film friendly environment Georgia has a lot to offer to international filmmakers.

In Georgia i can providing the best possible production services for:

  • Future Movies and Documentaries

  • TV Serials and Commercial Videos

  • Music Videos

Providing particular services 

  • Script writing

  • Budgeting, scheduling and paperworks

  • Legal issues and shooting pemitions 

  • Localion scouting

  • Casting

  • Equipment rental (see catalog)

  • Crew hiring

  • Editing, CGI

  • Accommodation/Transportation

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